Delegation Skills for Managers and Supervisors

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Managers and supervisors will learn real-world delegation strategies that reduce stress, empower their staff, and build morale. These delegation skills will help to pinpoint the right task, the right time and the right person to help maximize productivity and efficiency. This program builds important skills that are necessary for effective delegation.  Participants will learn the “Why, When, Who and How” of proper delegation. They will understand the repercussion of poor delegation strategies and how to apply the delegation basics. Participants will recognize delegation needs, problems and effective methods for each behavior style and discover a six-step process for effective delegating.

Benefits:  If you want to delegate better, this training helps prepare leaders to appropriately delegate responsibilities.   The benefits of this training to you include:  increased competence and confidence in delegating; stronger teams and better collaboration; positive empowerment and motivation of team members; as well as more time for leaders to concentrate on the role of leadership and management tasks. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the why and when of delegation
  • Learn DiSC approaches to delegation
  • Decide what, who and how to delegate
  • Acknowledge roles of trust and accountability
  • Learn effective strategies for delegation


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