Coaching Skills for Managers

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Participants learn how to adapt their natural DiSC style when developing team members through coaching and effective communication.  Increase your understanding of how effective teams work together on tasks and relationships. Skills necessary for performance feedback and coaching are reviewed.Participants will understand the difference between coaching, managing and training. They will learn what motivates people and identify six formal steps for an effective coaching meeting. They will practice delivering performance feedback and ensure accountability. 


** Participants receive a copy of the book Monday Morning Leadership.

Benefits:  Your managers will learn how to set-up a coaching meeting, get agreement on problems and solutions, and secure commitment from their employees.   

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the difference between coaching, managing and training
  • Learn what motivates people
  • Identify 6 formal steps for an effective coaching meeting
  • Know how to deliver performance feedback and ensure accountability
  • Able to inspire and encourage your superstars to reach high levels


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