Listening for Results – Strategies for Improving Listening Skills

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Have you ever noticed how good it feels when someone really listens to you?  When we are listened to, our feelings and needs are taken into account, we are more relaxed and open, and we feel we can achieve our objectives.  The goal of this program is to help participants get these kinds of results when communicating with others. This workshop provides participants with the key to clear communication through developing an understanding of effective listening techniques. Participants will be introduced to the Personal Listening Learning Model which will result in improved communications, fewer misunderstandings, and more productive information sharing between team members.  Participants will:


  • Discover the five different listening approaches used in communication.
  • Explore their strengths and challenges as listeners.
  • Identify effective listening approaches and behaviors, and practice modifying their listening approaches to meet the communication needs of team members.
  • Create action plans to improve their ability to communicate effectively to all team members by using different listening approaches.

Benefits:  Your organization will benefit from better listening to improve communication and reduce misunderstandings. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Know the value of listening in the workplace
  • Understand the difference between hearing and listening
  • Understand listening filters
  • Learn 5 different listening approaches
  • Learn when to adapt your listening approach
  • Find strategies for improving skills

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Participants are required to complete an online assessment.  An active email address is required for each participant ten days in advance of a scheduled workshop.