Conflict Resolution for Managers and Supervisors

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Conflict can tear a team apart, so it is crucial that problems be resolved before they take over a group. This workshop is a straightforward program that helps people develop the understanding and self-awareness necessary to resolve interpersonal conflict. In addition to helping people learn how to work through conflict on an individual basis, the program offers a strong foundation for resolving issues within an entire team. The program builds important skills that are necessary for effective communication and teamwork.  Participants will:


  • Recognize unique preferences and behaviors when working on a team.
  • Learn what their behaviors may look like when under stress and in conflict.
  • Learn a model for understanding how people of diverse styles react differently to conflict.
  • Understand how their own and others’ behaviors may be interpreted in different ways.
  • Discover a non-threatening way to communicate preferences and discuss differences.
  • Create action plans for dealing with conflict situations by exploring effective methods for coping with conflict in the workplace.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore approaches to conflict
  • Understand how our natural styles influence those approaches
  • Discover the importance of finding common goals in conflict situations.
  • Learn to share all perspectives in conflict situations
  • Explore ways to improve ability to generate solutions
  • Discover the benefits of a balanced approach
  • Make better decisions that satisfy the needs of all involved.
  • Develop new strategies for working through conflict


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