Running Effective Meetings: Making Every Meeting Matter

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 If your department or organization has too many meetings that are unproductive, unnecessary, unfocused and repetitive or maybe they just last too long, waste time and go nowhere, then this seminar is for you. Participants will learn:

  • How to take charge, organize effective meetings and make every minute matter. 
  • Determining the need, purpose, and agenda of a meeting.
  • Establishing a focused goal, setting a realistic meeting agenda, and identifying common pitfalls in meetings.
  • Discovering the PEARLS method: Purpose, Expectation, Agenda, Resources, Limits, Scope.

Benefits:  With the concepts from this training, your meetings will be more productive and accomplish the goal for having each meeting.  In addition, as managers learn how to facilitate interactive meetings, you will gain more innovation by tapping into the creativity and ingenuity of all meeting members.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the different types and methods for meetings
  • Create an effective meeting agenda using 3T’s
  • Understand meeting roles and how to assign
  • Determine meeting participants and send invites
  • Control the flow and productivity  during meetings
  • Assign action items using 3W’s
  • Distribute informative records via minutes
  • Learn to control meeting problems early


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