High-Impact Decision Making: Reducing Risks – Maximizing Results

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Participants will learn the tools needed to achieve the clarity which balances intuition and rational thinking.  By the end of this workshop participants will be able to align outcomes to create buy-in and make decisions that are smart, timely and effective. This program builds important skills that are necessary for effective decision making.  Participants will learn the four foundations people use to make decisions. They will understand decision making and behavior styles, recognizing common decision making traps. They will discover the seven steps for better decision making and identify effective decision making tools.

Benefits:  Planning for execution and follow through requires the ability to make good decisions first.  When making decisions, the biggest problems are getting stuck, not knowing what to do next, and procrastination.   If your employees and managers need to be able to make good decisions, consider this training solution.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the impact of minor and major decisions
  • Awareness of selective perception and filters
  • Learn a four step process to better decision making at all levels
  • Know the role intuition and risk tolerance play in decisions
  • Choosing the right solution
  • Know when to “Pull the Plug” when a decision was wrong
  • Gaining alignment for the decision
  • Know how to manage and implement decisions for successful execution


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