Managing and Selling Change: Strategies for Dealing with Change

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Participants learn proven techniques for generating new ideas and increasing their capacity for creativity and innovation. This workshop provides a blueprint for establishing an environment of problem solving and generating new ideas. Participants engage in an interactive, hands-on process where they discover new ways of breaking through mental barriers and overcoming roadblocks to improve performance and unleash creative potential.  Participants will:


  • Discover new techniques for generating fresh ideas and novel solutions.
  • Apply innovation strategies to improve systems, products and processes.
  • Recognize barriers and road blocks and identify practices that promote creativity and innovation.
  • Learn brainstorming techniques for generating alternative solutions.

Benefits:  Training benefits to your organization include:  increase understanding of the change process and people’s possible emotional reactions to it, learn to handle resistance and stress, as well as how to navigate yourself and your team through change. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Defining change in the workplace
  • Understand  common reactions to change
  • Help your managers and employees lead people through changes
  • Understand using a simple parable, “Who Moved My Cheese”
  • Find the positive and  sell the good
  • How to navigate successfully through change

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