Eight Dimensions of Leadership Seminar

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DiSC Strategies for Better Leadership Skills

The most effective leaders know their strengths, and they also know what their challenges are, but that’s only part of the story. Great leaders have a broad perspective on all the behaviors needed to be effective, this seminar provides participants with those insights. The 8 Dimensions of leadership helps participants identify their primary leadership style and understand the psychological drivers, motivations, and blind spots that are characteristics of that style.

** Based on book: The 8 Dimensions of Leadership: DiSC Strategies for Becoming a Better Leader

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the key elements of leadership
  • High level overview of the Everything Model
  • Know the elements of the eight dimensions model
  • Understand the value of each approach
  • Utilize situational leadership by leveraging the 8 dimensions
  • Adapt leadership behaviors as necessary to be a great leader

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