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 We all have had interactions at work where we experienced conflict with other people. More often than not, these disagreements have hampered the group’s progress. This seminar provides a simple, direct way to understand the different fears that drive much of the conflict and resistance we see. Through DiSC, people learn their style of handling conflict and understand how that style might differ from other methods. They also take time to recognize how quickly employees' fears can disengage them from a team or project. Participants learn how and why different people feel threatened and discover skills for relating more effectively with people of all styles.

Benefits:  With this training, your managers learn their approach to handling conflict and have formal strategies to address conflict in the workplace. They will have tools to help their team members work effectively through conflict.  

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the four approaches to conflict
  • Awareness of what happens to people under pressure
  • Manage adversity and avoid blame
  • Strategies for hearing all sides of an issue
  • Behaviors to avoid when in conflict
  • Identify strategies for successful resolution

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