Eliminate the Dread of the Cold Call

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Teaches communication skills used by the most successful sales professionals and call centers in the marketplace.  Participants learn to reach out to the right people, get their interest, and make the sale.

Benefits:  Your team will learn how to get through to decisions-makers, and how to secure more appointments that are qualified and create a favorable first impression instantly.  Whether your sales and service personnel are just starting their careers, or could benefit from brushing up their techniques with new skills, this can make a big impact. Most importantly, they will have more fun in selling than they ever thought they could.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the fundamental steps of a sale and the outcome of each
  • Create statements and questions that gain interest
  • Leave voice mail and emails that get return calls
  • Get to the Gatekeeper versus past the Gatekeeper
  • Creative ways to get to a decision maker


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